We worship in spirit and truth - John 4:24

We gather to worship the living, holy God. He is present in the service. It is God to whom the worship proceedings are directed, not to those in the congregation. God is the audience. It is before God the congregation stands, sings, and listens. As Adam in the garden stood before God exposed in his sin, so we stand before God in worship. We acknowledge His grace, mercy, and seek His continued favor.

We edify the body of Christ - Ephesians 4:12

We provide biblically sound teaching to produce maturity in the confidence of an obedient life - faith; in the patience of a Godly life - hope; in the conformity to a Christ-like life - love. Through teaching, preaching, fellowship, worship and service, believers are brought to maturity which results in a unity of purpose and function in the fulfilling of their duty to the glory of God.

We fellowship in love unto good works - Hebrews 10:24-25

Fellowship is essential in the Christian community. It was one of the trademarks of the early church (Acts 2:42). It was what bonded the young church, helping it to develop unity through love. The early church recognized the need for mutual support and encouragement. They realized that they could not survive alone. And what was true for them is true for us. We endeavor to implement the injunctions to "love one another," to "be devoted to one another," to "give preference to one another," and that we "not judge one another" because we "accept one another " We must "care for one another" and "serve one another," and "bear one another's burdens."

We evangelize the lost with compassion - Mark 5:19

Our desire is for others to hear the good news of the gospel and to know and love Christ. While there may be many methods of presenting the gospel, there is only one gospel. Paul gives warning to the Galatians to avoid "another gospel." We live in a world of "new and improved" - and many believe the gospel can be improved upon. We don't. We are careful not to distort the message in an effort to be diversified in our methods.

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